Calculate your personal APC advantage

The patented APC technology from KraussMaffei allows you to reduce your manufacturing costs drastically. Use the APC calculator to determine the savings potential you can reach for your application. ¹
Shot weight (g)
10 30000
Cycle time (s)
5 130
Throughput (kg/h) kg/h
Price of new material ($/kg)
0.5 5
Reduction of the scrap percentage (%)
0 20
Increase of the recycled material percentage (%)
0 20
Saving from reducing scrap percentage ($/a)
Saving from increase in recycled material percentage ($/a)
Overall result - Saving from scrap and recycled material effect ($/a)
* Production hours (h/a): 5700
* Recycled material price = 50% of new material price

¹ This calculator is a no-obligation service from KraussMaffei. KraussMaffei assumes no liability for errors and does not guarantee that the calculated possible savings will actually be achieved. As savings are dependent on several factors, the actually achieved savings may differ from the calculated results.